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For IndustryFor Industry

Regenerative medicine is poised to become the next great biomedical marvel.  In just this past year, we’ve seen significant progress in advancing novel stem cell and tissue engineered therapeutics into the clinic to treat both animals and humans.  Still there is much to be done.  Recognizing our position as a leader in veterinary regenerative medicine at the #1 veterinary school in the world, we have begun to foster collaborative partnerships with industry to support clinical investigations. Our hope is that industry partnerships will help expedite drug development and eventual FDA approval of regenerative medicine products. 

To assist with this goal we have developed the VIRC Integrated Platform” (VIP) as a strategy to work with industry partners interested in clinical development of regenerative medicine technologies and products.  VIP will promote the use of naturally occurring disease models to treat animal patients and inform human clinical studies.  VIP brings together expert veterinary clinicians, clinical trials management services, our Fee-for-Service program, hospital resources and services and human translational expertise to efficiently perform quality drug development studies. We believe these services are essential to our mission of “Pioneering regenerative medicine cures for animals and people”.  These services will also help support our Strategic Goals in research, student scholarships, faculty development and education. With this plan we believe we will become financially sustainable in 5 years!