Become a Member

Become a Member

VIRC Membership Policy

There are two levels of membership within the Veterinary Institute for Regenerative Cures (VIRC): Affiliate and Core. Levels are based on the individual’s involvement with the Institute and their role in advancing the mission of the VIRC through research, education, and service. Membership into the VIRC is at no cost to the member at either level.

Affiliate Members of the VIRC support the mission of the Institute and have an interest in collaborating with the VIRC and utilizing its resources on an opportunistic or periodic basis. Affiliates will have access to communications from VIRC leadership including any electronic newsletters and annual reports and are also welcome to participate in the VIRC Seminar Series and Grants Meeting.  The VIRC can also help facilitate collaboration between Affiliate and Core Members.  UC Davis and Non UC Davis Academic faculty, industry researchers and others may become an affiliate member by simply expressing interest to VIRC leadership (Email:

Core Members of the VIRC are affiliated with UC Davis (note: membership is not limited to those in the School of Veterinary Medicine) and may be faculty (students/trainees of core faculty members are also considered members) and staff. Core member activities should support the VIRC mission and institutional development and operations. To satisfy this requirement, core members may do one or more of the following:

  • Participate as a member on a VIRC Committee (Education, Outreach, Development, Research and Resources)
  • Submit grants through the VIRC (such that the VIRC recoups some percentage of indirect cost return)
  • Participate in VIRC Events (i.e. Continuing Education, Fundraisers, Seminars etc)
  • Work with industry partners
  • Develop curriculum or teach in VIRC-sponsored courses, certificate programs or outreach efforts
  • Perform collaborative/high impact research that supports the VIRC mission

(Note: The examples above do not represent a complete list of all ways to actively participate with the VIRC)

In addition to the benefits available to all Affiliate Members, Core Members have access to:

  • VIRC administrative staff support (i.e. for grant submission)
  • Funding through our Pilot Research Grant Program
  • Visibility on the VIRC website (i.e. Featured news and research)

The VIRC can also assist members with publication costs and conference travel for students/trainees on a case by case basis.

The VIRC is still early in its development and as new incentives for members are developed or acquisitioned, they will be shared with the group.  Such incentives may include, subsidized fees for UCD Core Lab use (i.e. flow cytometry, PCR, microscopy), financial support for graduate students and fellows, a Bridge Grant Program and soft nest lab space for temporary research programs.

To apply to become a Core Member of the VIRC please submit the following to

  • Brief statement of interest (300 words or less). Please tell us why you are interested in joining the VIRC.  Also, please tell us about your research and how it fits with the mission of the VIRC.
  • Current CV or NIH Biosketch

Download the VIRC Membership Policy