welcomeWelcome to the website for the Veterinary Institute for Regenerative Cures (VIRC)

Our institute is a part of the US News and World Report #1 ranked UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Regenerative medicine holds tremendous promise to reduce pain and suffering and to help patients overcome debilitating diseases. The VIRC exists to help bring this promise to life for animals with naturally occurring diseases and holds potential with translation to human medicine. We became an institute in 2015 with a vision to improve lives through regenerative medicine and a goal of developing and integrating regenerative medicine discoveries into clinical practice. Our membership is made up of dedicated and enthusiastic faculty, staff and students from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, the School of Medicine, Biomedical Engineering and Animal Science who whole heartedly believe in the promise regenerative medicine holds to improve the lives of animals. We have research teams that drive forward discoveries each and every day and talented clinicians that strive to deliver effective stem cell therapies for our patients.

By promoting both stem cell biotechnology and tissue engineering, the VIRC is leading the way in developing novel therapeutics for animals and people. To date, we have enrolled and treated hundreds of cats, dogs and horses in our clinical trials where we use FDA compliant methods to reliably and safely produce Mesenchymal Stem cells as treatment.

Our mission is lofty; to pioneer regenerative medicine cures for animals and people. We are well on our way to delivering on this mission and we hope you will join us in our excitement.

In order to realize the full potential of regenerative medicine in veterinary and human patients, financial contributions from individuals such as yourself is needed and greatly appreciated.

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