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Regenerative Medicine - Stem Cells and Beyond

FRS 001 (21)

The Challenge: This seminar will explore the state of the art in regenerative medicine by introducing students to stem cells, tissue engineering and the clinical application of these therapeutic platforms.  In particular we will be addressing regenerative medicine as a strategy to treat heart disease, spinal cord injury, chronic inflammation and more. This seminar will also discuss many of the misconceptions surrounding this field. The goal of this seminar is for students to gain insight into the state of the art of the field of regenerative medicine. This includes stem cell biotechnology and tissue engineering. Students will also explore case studies of how regenerative medicine is being used to treat both animal and human patients. Students engaged in this seminar are expected to develop focus and depth in the field of regenerative medicine, develop more effective communication skills around the topic of stem cell biotechnology and tissue engineering and develop a global perceptive on how doctors are using regenerative medicine to improve patient quality of life.

Dr. Amir Kol, Assistant Professor of Pathology, Microbiology, Immunology (SVM) –